Disaster recovery

Data Backup, Data Recovery & Business Continuity have become a fundamental component to the success of businesses in today's fast paced data driven world. Having a solution that can ensure you are connected 24/7 with zero downtime is very critical.

At Maverick Digital we implement Azure Backup. You can read about some it its benefits here . Azure Backup is Microsofts Cloud backup solution that can be used to protect on-premise workloads and also backup Azure VMs.

Business Executives are continuously finding that traditional data backup methods have some shortcomings e.g.

  • Old backup methods are slow to recover from
  • Require a lot of manual administration (Little or no automation)
  • Hardware failures need to be addressed frequently
  • Frequently running out of space (Poor scalability)
  • Lack of application consistency backups

Site recovery allows for your primary data center being able to recover in the cloud and hence avoid downtime. Maverick Digital will perform a free site assesment to know how best to use cloud to optimize your operations.

We also strive in ensuring you can have a hybrid scenario for your data backup. This is accomplished by being able to have an offline backup that resides on premise and also have the other copy in the cloud. Having an internet outage will not result in you not being able to backup your data.

Free Data Backup & Recovery Assesment