IT Consulting is one of our core services designed to help businesses make the right choices in the use of technology.

Often, management teams are driven by the technology agenda which can seem disconnected from the high level objectives of the business. At Maverick, we put the targets and goals of the company at centre stage and work with senior teams to deliver them through the integration of the appropriate technology solutions.

By working closely with key decision makers, our team enable businesses to use technology to enhance their processes and client relationships.


Create an IT strategy that works for you with one of our expert consultants

More and more companies are now looking to introduce new services and business models in order to keep up with market demand and maximise their competitive advantage. At Maverick Digial, we help to determine the technology assets and strategies needed to exploit these new business models and opportunities.

Key areas we specialise in include:

  • Alignment of technology with business goals
  • Greater client services engagement
  • Enhanced business processes through the use of technology
  • Collaboration and social enterprise tools
  • IT Strategy Development
  • IT Roadmaps

To further strengthen our IT Consulting service, the EMIT team avail of some industry-renowned business tools including:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Technology SWOT Analysis
  • Change Management Techniques