5 Reasons Azure Data Backup is right for your Business

Azure Cloud Backup is Microsoft's cloud first backup-as-a-Service that is not only simple to implement but also very cost effective. It delivers protection for customers’ data no matter where it resides: in the enterprise data center, in remote and branch offices, or in the public cloud. Below are 5 reasons why this is the best backup solution for your business.

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  • Azure Data Backup is Cheap

Most backup providers are charging exorbitant fees to store data. Over the last couple of years, storage prices in the cloud have been going down and with it the cost of backup. Each instance of 1 TB of data can cost you as low as 60 USD/month. The payment is only for what you use and is billed per instance.

  • Ease of Implementation

The whole process of setting up Azure Backup agent on your instances that you want backed up is pretty straightforward and easy. The agents work well in Windows PCs, Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MS SQL and finally supports Linux.

  • 99 Year Retention period

All data stored in Azure has a retention period for as long as 99 years. You are also given as much as 9999 retention points, which is more than enough.

  • Multiple Options

Once your data is stored in Azure you have the options of LRS (Locally Redundant Storage) & GRS (Geo-redundant Storage). Difference being that GRS will store your data in multiple data centers to allow for geographic redundancy.

  • Support for Restore as a Service

Restore as a service allows you to optimally restore your data, by mounting the cloud backup as a disk. This is done by creating a iSCSI interface to the cloud end point. Allows for:

  • File/Folder level restores
  • Inspect data before restores
  • Fast restores from cloud end points
  • No additional infrastructure required